About Cryptozoology

A Note About Cryptozoology and the Rogue Sciences

Bridging the gap between the natural sciences and cryptozoology


While we appreciate curiousity and wonder, and, above all, excuses to go on expeditions, it is our business to approach cryptozoology, 'forbidden archaeology' and such endeavours with an open, yet scientific mindset.

Osteosearch provides an open-minded approach to the osteological investigation of claims and evidence of unknown or as-yet undescribed creatures.  Known generally as cryptozoology, these claims may sometimes be quite far-fetched and outlandish, including many known hoaxes, but may also lead to the discovery of heretofore unknown species. 

We are a not-for-profit organization and our fieldwork is performed pro bono or for significanlty reduced fees (to cover expenses) for nonprofit organizations, small groups and qualifying individuals. Please ask if you qualify!

That said, much unorthodox science or pseudoscience would not exist if everyone were fully aware of all the actual facts or known possibilities of the natural world.  Obviously it's impossible for everyone to know everything. So, that isn't to say that there aren't unsolved mysteries out there...

Therefore Osteosearch is perfectly happy to assist with cryptozoological or other investigations as a disinterested scientist, providing critical analysis and objective interpretation of zoological data or other evidence. Please Contact Osteosearch for more info!


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